Who made this game?  Author of this remarkable flash game is one and only Jim Bonacci 🙂
 What kind of version is full? Is full game the same?  Both the full version and the full game mean that the game has all characters in it. Unlike demo mode here you have all features unlocked, including: maps, characters, special moves, etc.
 Can I make my own maps?  Sure, the full game allows you to do it, you can use map builder feature and create your own little world 😉
 Is it true that Happy Wheels hacked version?  Yup, and I must say that it comes only in demo mode. The hacked version makes your character immortal.
 Is the game popular?  This is one of the most popular flash games in the world. It has millions of players and they often share their experience on our blog.
 Can I contact you if I have some problems?  Sure you can, just use the contact form and we will answer in no time. by the way, you can use the comments section as well.
 Where can I learn more?  On our blog, for info about characters visit this page, for details about the game click here, in order to learn site rules click here. Additional details will be available soon, on the next content update.