This is a bloody physics-related realistic racing game with addictively gory twists. The aim of Happy Wheels is pretty simple – just try and get to the end of the level in one piece. You can try out some unusual forms of transport, ranging from a wheelchair to a Segway and try to find a way to the exit alive!

The racers move in the same manner as real bodies for total realism. With a slenderly diverse twist you will get an actual sensation of the accident. If the gamer misses a turnabout and drops into a hole with a heavy-duty spiked rotating point that the blood and body parts ascend. You can be given a real picture of how accidents can occur and lead to bone fractures, loss of consciousness, and death.

Select your racer carefully and try to not crash yourself till you finish the race! You need various skills and patience to finish higher complex levels. Use your skill to maneuver through every level, but trust me you won’t get far!

Happy Wheels controls
To Control the Happy wheels vehicle use the arrow keys!
SPACE is Primary Action,
Z is Eject,
Shift and Control are Secondary actions.

Happy Wheels Game Instructions
The instructions change as you continue with the game. Though they will be displayed below the field of play, the general instructions are constant:
1. Get the chosen character on the board —most likely in one piece rather than a half-body creeping-zombie that appears to have avoided the set of the Walking Dead!
2. Follow those game instructions that pop up to get hints on what to do next. Meet the goal on each level to get through the game—or rather give up and pick another level once you see out every way to die!
3. Use the MENU to restart/choose another level. You will do it severally.